News Briefing – Dec 10 2018

Announcing Changes to GSPC Board of Directors

Our colleague Val Abela, Security Director at Casino Rama, has decided to step down from the GSPC Board of Directors owing to personal reasons.  Val has been a Vice President on the Board and Chair of its Governance Committee.  In stepping down, Val said, I am VERY proud of the Association and even more proud to have been able to serve as a member of the Board and work alongside industry professionals.   I greatly appreciate the support I received, thoroughly enjoyed my time on the Board and will be very happy to assist in any way possible going forward.”  The Directors of the GSPC would like to thank Val for her service in this role and are pleased she will continue to be an active Member of the Association.

Michael Robitaille, appointed as Vice President of GSPC effective November 22, 2018, brings 20 years of gaming experience to the Board.

The GSPC Board of Directors is pleased to announce that Michael Robitaille, Director Security and Surveillance Service Operations at OLG has been appointed by the Board to fill the vacancy created by Val’s departure.  Such appointments are provided for in the GSPC Bylaws when a vacancy occurs mid-term.  Mike’s appointment took effect on November 22, 2018 and will continue through to the 2020 AGM, at which point there would be an election.  We welcome Mike and the OLG presence on the Board.  Mike brings a wealth of experience to the table and OLG has been a great supporter of the Association.  OLG has a very significant presence in the GSPC and has twice been a major Sponsor of the AGM’s.

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Canadian Anti-Money Laundering Law 2018:  A Period of Intense Activity – by Rob Kroeker, Vice President Corporate Security and Compliance, BCLC

This year has proven to be an active one when it comes to anti-money laundering law in Canada. As casinos, both land based and internet, are amongst the sectors of the economy subject to Canada’s anti-money laundering requirements, change to the anti-money laundering regime often mean important changes to anti-money laundering practice in casinos. As we will see, the activities this year, and the coming changes, will definitely have impacts to casinos across the country…

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