GSPC 2018 AGM at Fallsview Casino in Niagara Falls

Mark it in your calendar!  The Annual General Meeting (AGM) is the premier event in the GSPC calendar.  It commences with a reception the evening of June 20 and business programing concludes at noon on June 22.  The AGM immediately follows the Canadian Gaming Summit which will also be held in Niagara Falls.

You can view the invitation and registration form on our homepage at


The 2018 Canadian Gaming Summit in Niagara Falls

The GSPC will once again be very much involved in the Summit and for this coming year will be an Education Program Content Development Partner.  Our lead person on the content development will be one of our Vice Presidents, Kevin Sweeney of BCLC.  If you have thoughts as to education program content for the AGM or Summit, please feel free to contact Kevin at

It should also be noted that GSPC Members will be offered substantial discounts on Summit registration and GSPC Corporate Members may be eligible for additional Summit discounts if they wish to be further involved as a Summit exhibitor or sponsor.  Feel free to contact Gerry Boose if you would like further information regarding GSPC Member benefits.

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Responding to a Changing World

At Casino Rama Resort our goal is to provide a safe, enjoyable entertainment environment for our patrons and entertainers. Perimeter protection, access control and security inspections are some aspects to consider. To that end, our property has recently purchased Garrett PD 6500i walk-through metal detectors for use at the entrance of our 5000 seat Entertainment Centre.

Due to recent world events, more and more artists are requesting higher levels of safety precautions be readily available at performance venues. The newly purchased metal detectors are equipped with infrared sensors designed to boost detection capabilities. Our security employees are trained to perform the new screening process, including the use of handheld wands for secondary inspections.

These metal detectors will provide the artist and concert goers with the utmost peace of mind, while security professionals remain vigilant in improving security controls and emergency procedures.

- Val Abel Vice President GSPC and Director of Security at Casino Rama



GSPC – Winter 2018 Newsletter

Lynda Vachon Retires

Many of you will already be aware that our President, Lynda Vachon of Loto-Quebec, has announced her well deserved retirement. Her last day of work was January 12, 2018. Lynda provided great leadership to our Association and will continue to be involved as an Alumni Member. We are anticipating that she will be joining us at the 2018 Annual General Meeting in Niagara Falls to facilitate the transition process, so many of you will have the opportunity to personally congratulate her and wish her well upon her retirement.

Filling Board Vacancies

The GSPC Board has the authority through the GSPC Bylaws to appoint Board members when vacancies occur between AGM’s. At its meeting of January 11, 2018, the Board appointed Richard Paris of Fallsview Casinos to the position of President. It also appointed Benoit Filiatreault, Lynda’s replacement at Loto-Quebec, to the Vice President vacancy created by Richard’s promotion. Both appointments were made for terms to conclude at the 2018 AGM, at which point there will be elections held to fill these positions for a period of three years. Persons interested in nominating or being nominated for these positions should contact Gerry Boose, our Executive Director.

2018 AGM – Niagara Falls Ontario

You have already been notified that the 2018 is going to take place in Niagara Falls Ontario, commencing with a reception the evening of June 20th and finishing at lunchtime on June 22nd. Our Host jurisdiction will be Fallsview Casinos. Our Platinum Sponsor for the event will be OLG and our Supporting Sponsors will be Fallsview Casinos and BCLC.

Many thanks to our President, Richard Paris, and his team for taking on the premier event in the GSPC schedule. More information will be provided to you as it becomes available and posted on our website.

NOTE* If you want to stay at Fallsview Casino – BOOK SOON – particularly if you want to attend the Summit. Rooms are limited in availability. Remember that you have to make separate (but linked) bookings for the Summit and the GSPC AGM.

2018 Canadian Gaming Summit – Niagara Falls Ontario

The GSPC is in the process of renewing its relationship with the Summit and we expect to be very much involved in the development of the Educational programing for the 2018 event. The Summit is also going to be held in Niagara Falls next year, from June 18th to 20th, so it will be very convenient for our Members who wish to attend both. Again, more information will be provided to you as it becomes available.

2019 AGM – Caesars Windsor!

Thanks to all of you who participated in our survey to assist the GSPC Board of Directors in determining the location of the 2019 AGM.  The Board concurred with the majority of our Members who preferred that it be held in conjunction with the 2019 Canadian Gaming Summit at Caesars Windsor in Windsor Ontario.

The 2019 AGM will commence the evening of Wednesday June 19th and conclude at approximately noon on Friday June 21st.  Those dates will overlap the Summit, which will be held June 18th to June 20th, but we are working with the Summit to minimize scheduling conflicts.  Mark the dates in your calendar for next year!

Many thanks to Caesars Windsor for hosting our event once again.  We will provide more information at this year’s AGM in Niagara Falls.

Want to Get Involved?

The GSPC Board has a number of committees chaired by our Vice Presidents. They are as follows:

  • Membership - Brent Severeyns (Great Canadian Gaming)
  • Communications - Shawn McGurk (Manitoba Liquor and Lotteries)
  • Governance - Val Abela (Casino Rama)
  • Education - Kevin Sweeney (BCLC)

If you want to get involved in any of these activities, you can contact the respective chairs accordingly. Their coordinates can be found in the Membership list found in the Members Only portion of our website.

Our Administrative Support Team

You should all be aware that running a not-for-profit professional association of approximately 80 Members across Canada is a significant undertaking. Gerry Boose is our only staff member, and that is on a part-time basis. Gerry and the Board’s job would be impossible if it was not for the support of our Administrative volunteers and their respective organizations. In addition to Gerry our virtual “Head Office” consists of:

  • Business Administration - Jaude Pominville (Loto-Quebec)
  • Membership Administration - Cathy Cuglietta (BCLC)
  • Communication Administration - Kurt Raffai (Saskatchewan Gaming)

Many thanks to them for the great work they do.

Emergency Preparedness Week 2018 – May 6 to 12

Emergency Preparedness (EP) Week is a national awareness initiative which takes place during the first full week of May each year. EP Week is coordinated by Public Safety Canada, in close collaboration with Emergency Management agencies in each of the provinces and territories.

Since 1996, EP Week has served to increase the public’s awareness about the importance of emergency preparedness. EP Week encourages everyone focus on three basic EP principles;

  • Know the Risks
  • Make a Plan
  • Get an Emergency Kit

Know the Risks: Some emergency and disaster risks are shared by everyone. Others are regional or workplace specific. Some risks are unique to an individual, based on one’s medical condition or functional needs. It’s important to know the risks that affect you, your family, your workplace, and your community. Some emergency risks to consider include; fires, floods, power outages, medical emergencies, flu/virus emergencies, structural collapse, chemical spills, extreme weather events, various human threats, critical systems failures, and others.

Make a Plan: To successfully manage through an emergency, it is important that you have a Plan, review/update the Plan annually, and if possible, practice the execution of the Plan. Everyone should have a personal/family plan to respond to household emergencies, and be well versed on their workplace emergency procedures for responding to a major workplace event. Personal protective needs, evacuation routes, assembly locations, emergency contact lists, communication means, emergency childcare options, and access to survival essentials are just some of considerations for a Plan. Public Safety Canada provides a tool to make a family emergency plan online in about 20 mins.

Get an Emergency Kit: It is recommended you have a well-stocked emergency kit containing critical supplies essential for your survival if isolated from emergency services for 72 hours or more. The Kit should include a copy of your Plan and items such as; water, medication, nonperishable food, flashlight/batteries, candles/matches, whistle, blankets, heat source, important documents, and other items specific to your family’s needs.

Every year during EP Week at Niagara Casinos, the security department coordinates an employee awareness campaign by partnering with Emergency Management Ontario, the local Fire Department and EMS, and internal stakeholders such as JHSC members and Supervisors/Managers in other departments. An information booth is set-up in the employee dining room, staffed by security and the partnering agencies. Employees are provided with information about the three EP principles above, workplace safety and emergency procedures, and community emergency services. Videos, quizzes, draws, and safety related prizes are incorporated to make the event fun and engaging.

If you are interested in establishing an EP Week program at your organization, contact your provincial Emergency Management agency. You can also contact Richard Paris for more details about EP Week programming at Niagara Casinos.

Motorola to buy Vancouver surveillance systems maker for $1 billion US

Motorola Solutions announced Friday that it has entered into a $1 billion U.S all-cash agreement to buy Vancouver based Avigilon, a maker of video surveillance systems.

Avigilon high definition video products are used for surveillance in prisons, airports, government facilities, health-care centres, schools and casinos. The company holds more than 750 U.S. and international patents.

Learn more at CBC here


AML in Canada

As part of one of the most heavily regulated industries in the world, Canadian gaming operators have long shown an ongoing commitment to improving compliance and cooperation with federal and provincial anti-money laundering (AML) legislation and rules. Canadian Gaming Business recently sat down with leading experts from across Canada to get their perspective on the industry’s approach to AML and the challenges of conducting business under the regulatory microscope.

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GSPC Newsletter – Fall Edition 2017

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Website Development

The new GSPC website was introduced at the 2012 AGM.  Since that time we have made great progress thanks to the website design work done by Nenad Lubura of Saskatchewan Gaming and the editorial work done by Cathy Anastasio of BCLC and Jaude Pominville of Loto-Québec. Comments, questions or suggestions can be forwarded to .

Composition of board of Directors

Composition of board of Directors

The Gaming Security Professionals of Canada (GSPC) Board of Directors wishes to advise its Membership of a change in the Board’s composition.  In 2012, Mr. Terry Towns retired from the BCLC. He was generous enough to continue insuring his role as President until the 2013 AGM in June, when a new President was elected, Mr. Robert Kroeker, VP Compliance and Corporate Security at the Great Canadian Gaming Corporation, Richmond BC. On behalf of the GSPC and all its members, congratulations!