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We help ensure the safety, security and integrity of the Canadian gaming industry.

Introducing: GSPC Water Cooler Panel Discussions

Introducing: GSPC Water Cooler Panel Discussions

During these challenging times the GSPC Board has remained focused on providing our membership the tools to remain updated and connected. We have been evaluating what digital offerings we can stand up to suit our members. To accomplish that, the GSPC has arrived at a digital platform that will support virtual sessions such as the upcoming....

Anti-Money Laundering Water Cooler Panel Discussion - March 11th, 2021 1pm to 3pm (Eastern Time)

The invites for this have already been sent out and it is free of charge for the members. If you have not received an invite please email

The GSPC is very excited to enhance digital support services throughout 2021 and moving forward. Stay tuned for those strategic enhancements.

NOTE: after registration you will be prompted to add an invite to your calendar. If you do this, you will see the invite is only for 1hr. This is a limitation to the virtual platform we are using. The meeting remains 1pm to 3pm. Thank you for your patience as the GSPC continues to evaluate our best virtual options. 

To register for the Anti-Money Laundering Water Cooler Panel Discussion, click the link below for more info;

Who We Are

Who We Are

The GSPC is a not-for-profit organization representing major gaming organizations from British Columbia to Nova Scotia. Our goal is to facilitate the safety, security and integrity of the Canadian gaming industry as well as to provide a forum and platform for members to communicate, educate and share best practices.

The GSPC is the voice of the gaming industry with regard to matters falling within its mandate. GSPC’s advice and leadership has been sought out in numerous venues, including appearances before the Senate Committee on the subject of Single Event Sport Wagering, representation on the federal Department of Finance’s Public/Private Sector Advisory Committee with regard to Anti-Money Laundering regulation, the Canadian Gaming Summit’s Security and Surveillance Education Program, cooperative efforts with the Canadian Gaming Association, and contributing articles to the Canadian Gaming Business Magazine on security, safety and integrity related matters.

Our commitment to excellence and leadership has resulted in significant advances in gaming security and operational efficiencies that are sure to continue into the future.

Become a Member

Become a Member

In order to become a member of GSPC, a person must be employed in a security-related function by a provincial governmental gaming organization, or by a commercial gaming operator under contract to a provincial governmental gaming organization. A security-related function includes, but is not limited to: Physical; Information Security; Surveillance; Investigations; Compliance; Risk Management.

Membership may also be granted to a person who is employed in a security-related function who works for commercial operators· licensed by a provincial gaming regulator to operate gaming premises and/or deliver gaming products.

Gaming fields are generally recognized as being: Casinos, Lotteries, Video lottery terminals, On-line gaming, Slot operations, or any other activities related to gaming.

New members must be nominated by a current member of the GSPC.

Join our team of senior managers and executives from virtually all of the major gaming jurisdictions as we aim to enhance casino gaming, lottery ticket systems, video lottery networks and internet gaming.

Latest News

RCMP broke the law with Clearview AI facial recognition software: watchdog

The federal privacy watchdog says the RCMP broke the law by using cutting-edge facial-recognition software to collect personal information.

In a report today, privacy commissioner Daniel Therrien says there were serious and systemic failings by the RCMP to ensure compliance with the Privacy Act before it gathered information from U.S. firm Clearview AI.

Charges stayed in one of Ontario's largest Mob busts after alleged illegal conduct by investigators

Charges stayed in one of Ontario's largest Mob busts after alleged illegal conduct by investigators

One of the largest police investigations into organized crime in Ontario's history has fallen apart after police allegedly illegally intercepted phone calls as part of a multimillion-dollar probe into suspected Mob activity in the Greater Toronto Area, CBC News has learned.

The operation, dubbed Project Sindacato, resulted in charges against nine people in Canada who police alleged were part of a criminal organization with ties to the Mob in Italy. 

On Jan. 27, prosecutors stayed the charges against six of the accused, including alleged boss Angelo Figliomeni, after defence lawyers raised concerns that investigators committed "significant breaches of solicitor/client privilege." Three of the accused previously had their charges stayed in 2020.

"The defence has taken the position that the entirety of the police investigation was tainted by what we would allege to be unlawful and illegal conduct by both York Regional Police officers and by members of the Canada Revenue Agency," Michael Lacy, Figliomeni's lawyer, said at last month's hearing following a defence application to have the charges stayed.

New Normal: Casinos betting on temperature checks, chip cleaners

TORONTO -- Canadian gamblers are trading in cards and chips for temperature checks, hand sanitizer, face masks and disinfecting wipes.

As casinos across the country open, the gaming floor looks decidedly different. For the most part, table games are closed and there are fewer slot machines to choose. Reminders about physical distancing are scattered about on floors, walls, doors and around elevators.

Many amenities are closed. Forget valet service, buffets, live shows, spas and nightclubs. Casinos are built for escapism, but there is no escaping COVID-19.

Casinos are applying the same kind of cleaning discipline once reserved for washrooms to their entire site, using long-lasting antimicrobial sprays to disinfect surfaces, wiping down slot machines between each use, and providing disinfectant wipes and sanitizer throughout the gaming floor...