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BCLC and our partner PARQ Vancouver are honored to be hosting the 2020 AGM in Vancouver, BC June 9-11, 2020.


BCLC is a Crown Corporate, established on April 1, 1985. Our mission is to conduct and manage gambling in a socially responsible manner for the benefit of British Columbians. BCLC conducts and manages commercial gambling in B.C. including casinos, lottery, bingo and sports betting through multiple channels of distribution. BCLC offers slot machines, table games and bingo through operational service agreements with private sector providers which as of 2019 consists of 15 casinos, two racecourse casinos, 18 community gaming centres and three commercial bingo halls. BCLC lottery products are sold at over 3500 retail locations. Play is BCLC secure, regulated, online and mobile channel that offers casino, lottery and sports betting products to over 442,000 BC adults.

BCLC has been offering gambling entertainment and contributing to B.C’s future for three decades. Every year BCLC delivers great entertainment for our players and revenue for the Province of B.C. that goes towards supporting communities, health care and education. That's our idea of playing it right, and playing it forward.


PARQ Vancouver

Since making its grand entrance in 2017, Parq Vancouver has become an iconic city symbol, hosting international trailblazers, local legends, captains of industry, sports mavens, and adventurers of all kinds. For anyone that hasn’t been to Vancouver the location is Ideally situated between the stylish neighborhoods of Yaletown and Gastown, Parq Vancouver’s is tastefully located on the same grounds as BC Place Stadium home of the BC Lions and Vancouver Whitecaps football club.


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Who We Are

Who We Are

The GSPC is a not-for-profit organization representing major gaming organizations from British Columbia to Nova Scotia. Our goal is to facilitate the safety, security and integrity of the Canadian gaming industry as well as to provide a forum and platform for members to communicate, educate and share best practices.

The GSPC is the voice of the gaming industry with regard to matters falling within its mandate. GSPC’s advice and leadership has been sought out in numerous venues, including appearances before the Senate Committee on the subject of Single Event Sport Wagering, representation on the federal Department of Finance’s Public/Private Sector Advisory Committee with regard to Anti-Money Laundering regulation, the Canadian Gaming Summit’s Security and Surveillance Education Program, cooperative efforts with the Canadian Gaming Association, and contributing articles to the Canadian Gaming Business Magazine on security, safety and integrity related matters.

Our commitment to excellence and leadership has resulted in significant advances in gaming security and operational efficiencies that are sure to continue into the future.

Become a Member

Become a Member

In order to become a member of GSPC, a person must be employed in a security-related function by a provincial governmental gaming organization, or by a commercial gaming operator under contract to a provincial governmental gaming organization. A security-related function includes, but is not limited to: Physical; Information Security; Surveillance; Investigations; Compliance; Risk Management.

Membership may also be granted to a person who is employed in a security-related function who works for commercial operators· licensed by a provincial gaming regulator to operate gaming premises and/or deliver gaming products.

Gaming fields are generally recognized as being: Casinos, Lotteries, Video lottery terminals, On-line gaming, Slot operations, or any other activities related to gaming.

New members must be nominated by a current member of the GSPC.

Join our team of senior managers and executives from virtually all of the major gaming jurisdictions as we aim to enhance casino gaming, lottery ticket systems, video lottery networks and internet gaming.

Latest News

Niagara tourism industry takes 'measured' approach to coronavirus

An excellent article on how the Niagara tourism industry and Fallsview casino are facing the potential threat from the coronavirus.

2020 AGM Guest Speaker - Dr. Larry Barton

2020 AGM Guest Speaker - Dr. Larry Barton

Dr. Larry Barton is one of the world's leading experts in risk and crisis prevention and management for casino operators globally.  Over the past thirty years, he has managed cases of arson, attempted murder, suicide, extortion, intimate partner violence and threats by customers, guests and employees at 46 casinos in sixteen countries; he works with gaming regulators and property leaders to ensure that management has enacted "the big four"- a duty to care, duty to supervise, duty to act and duty to warn when a risk posed by any person emerges.

Larry knows the industry well.  He has served on the faculty of Harvard Business School, UNLV and Penn State and for 24 consecutive years remains the highest rated instructor in the UNR-UNLV Executive Development Program for Gaming leaders.  For the past 16 years he is also the highest rated instructor at The FBI Academy where he teaches the identification of the dangerous employee and customer.  During high profile incidents at in the gaming and hospitality industry, he is the on air commentator for the BBC, CNBC and The Washington Post.  To date has managed over 3000 cases globally.  He has worked with Canadian investigators on a number of cases involving workplace violence, notably the York Regional Police with whom he has collaborated for two decades.

The author of over 50 peer reviewed articles in the gaming and management literature, Larry has authored four best selling books; his next book, The Violent Person @ Work, is forthcoming in June from Anthem Press of London.  He has testified in fourteen cases regarding alleged negligence regarding allegations of reckless management by hotels and casino operators and will reflect on lessons learned that each regulator can apply to their important work.  His web site is

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